Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the liberty manifesto

roy a. childs jr., distinguished libertarian, blessed us with many gifts in his time.

i highlight one such gift in particular, from the open letter roy wrote to ayn rand for the purpose of converting her to free-market anarchism (anarcho-capitalism). it is the manifesto of all time and human history, if i understand it right.
There is a battle shaping up in the world—a battle between the forces of archy—of statism, of political rule and authority—and its only alternative—anarchy, the absence of political rule. This battle is the necessary and logical consequence of the battle between individualism and collectivism, between liberty and the state, between freedom and slavery. As in ethics there are only two sides to any question—the good and the evil—so too are there only two logical sides to the political question of the state: either you are for it, or you are against it. Any attempt at a middle ground is doomed to failure, and the adherents of any middle course are doomed likewise to failure and frustration—or the blackness of psychological destruction, should they blank out and refuse to identify the causes of such failure, or the nature of reality as it is.

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