Tuesday, February 24, 2009

flawed infrastructure

billy beck ridicules the short-lived cargo-cult democracy established to secure the blessings of lunch hour in an nyu student space.

now i admit that these twerps' only accomplishment was to give some perfectly diversified half-baked unarmed campus security force a hard-on of self-importance for their valued community service.

however, i feel i cannot likewise brush aside the event without first noting the subtle tactics of these clever furniture artists. they've set goals without community support for them yet claim representation, they've organized their decision process into an institution of "consensus" or the "democratic process," and they've declared soverignity over occupied space. sound familiar?

this is a perfect laboratory experiment in the establishment of a democracy. now i think the so-called right wing in this country needs to see this, understand what is going on and how the excuse of "herding cats" is used to stymie opposition, and question where their loyalties really truly lie. when the big boys play the same game over in the middle east, they bring more than just water bottles and ipods.

you think standing in the line at the RMV is really any different from trying to free palestine by hanging out with camera-whiner, girl-on-a-phone and skateboard-safety-blanket?

a world, safe for democracy. safe for the mob. you think that's just an accident?

UPDATE: exhibit b.

a coward responds, becky akers.

[Al Sharpton] denounced the Post’s mea culpa with all the bluster and intimidation we’ve come to expect from such churls: "The New York Post statement will be discussed by all of the leadership of the various groups that have mobilized and we will respond to it at the rally at 5 p.m. [Friday] outside of the New York Post. … we will make a collective decision on how to proceed. … Let us remember that Mr. [Rupert] Murdoch [the Post’s publisher] got a waiver from the FCC so he could own two radio, two television stations and a newspaper in this town. We will ask the FCC to review that waiver."

emphasis added. hey, you know what else hunts in packs? chimps. ook ook motherfucker

exhibit c.

help, help! i'm being repressed!

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