Tuesday, February 17, 2009

watch out

this is a journal scribbling from 29 jan 2009.

coins and liberty, lew rockwell.
How many tv ads are there for Obama coins and postage stamps? Is this a straw in the F├╝hrerprinzip wind? Burt Blumert once said that America was free when our money featured symbols like Indians, Liberty, buffaloes, etc. It was a bad thing, beginning with the evil Lincoln penny, to put dead politicians on the money. "But when they use living politicians," said Burt, "watch out."
well, there's no george w. bush coin. there were never any living president coins before.

new savior, ancient rome, tim case.
What the Roman Empire needed was a means to unify the population and further destroy those fading pockets of individualism, bringing the whole empire into obedience as dutiful, subservient drones totally reliant on the state.

Out of the chaos of the Revolutionary period and into the emerging empire came the Roman legions deploying the emperor’s standards and coins bearing the emperor’s likeness, proclaiming the name, power and dignity of Rome’s master.

update: just found this
renamed schools, streets mark early tributes to obama, usa today.
Cities and school boards are naming streets and buildings after President Obama, breaking with the tradition of waiting until a president is out of office.
"The children take such pride over the name being changed and knowing they represent such a strong individual," she says.
better warm up my "told you so" look

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