Monday, May 18, 2009


the libertarian curse, jonah goldberg.
The point, I guess, is that to be involved in public life in any way means compromising with what reality will allow. And reality, whether you are a socialist or a libertarian, almost never gives you total victory. We are on a giant ship and you pull the steering wheel in as far as you can in your preferred direction when and where you can. But you can never, ever, get sole control of the wheel, at least not for very long.

whatever you think you had on hayek, you've just disproved by talking about it. and it shows. the conservative is he who unleashes upon society eve's apple: military socialism. it has always been this way. abandon it or lose to the marxists. hey, it's not me that isn't giving you any other choice, it's just reality.

go ahead. ignore it.

"giant ship" -- fascist metaphor of the day. there is no "we."

society, the free market and free minds, is not a political entity. it has no steering wheel. to "control the wheel" is to pretend to wield an illusory power, which is synonymous with both the destruction of liberty and the backwardation of society. ridiculous.

the metaphysical and the man-made, billy beck.
This fight is not about "reality" as Goldberg brings the connotation. This is about thinking, and what he wrote will not do.

score. it is typical of collectivism to claim the mantle of "reality" -- i have run into it many times. haven't figured out what it is just yet, but it is there. i have a sneaking suspicion that they're not all that wrong, really, just unable to correctly name it. like the sin of the flesh, don't you know. the kingdom of man, and the worship thereof. "existence exists." all that crap. weren't there christian gnostics who used to subscribe to this stuff?

They can be as completely insane as they want to be in their private affairs, but they should all choke on their own tongues before they trot this rubbish out in public.

what public, friend? gotcha.

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