Thursday, December 10, 2009

public goods fallacy

the fallacy of public goods: libertarians and national defense, per bylund.

The problem is that status quo is implicitly assumed. Where government is currently providing a service, such as national defense, it is concluded that the market could not provide that service holding the production structure, provision, and level of service constant. This is a common trick that many seem to fall for, but the conclusion does not make much sense: the free market cannot provide government defense. And even if the market could, why in the world would we assume market organization would be identical to government organization?

great article. it's almost as if per has been reading my comments at war on guns and sipsey street irregulars.

centralized government provides for national defense, at the cost of individuality, and the cost of actual individuals, for the dead are their own evidence, and the living often return from war as unrepentant or irreparably damaged murderers.

the free market provides for all individuals' defense -- not only on the national scale but the universal scale -- at the cost of the life or livelihood of the aggressors.

it's just a matter of trusting in god and leaving "national fate" in his hands; if you put god first then you must put his creation second -- unique individuals, namely, you -- followed by the family, of course. only after these natural socio-clines are accounted for might you pay tribute to the usefulness of man-made distinctions of nation, race or ethic.

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