Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i occasionally come across pictures like this one:

and of course i'd like to identify the piece of hardware in use. no, not the guy with the mic headset up front.

the ordinance looks like an m829 or m831 saboted ke penetrator. i can't really be sure, but hey, moving that fast, who's counting? think of it this way: whatever it was, it's never going to slow down again, until it explodes. so what it really is is just an explosion waiting to happen.

waxing philosophical aside, what i really mean to identify is that launch platform. and i can't do it with just a few google searches without running into one thing: screenshots of fictional rocket launchers from games.

upon reflection, however, that's a good thing. as i look up military weaponry, the more i find screenshots from waste-of-time video games instead of descriptive photos and diagrams of actual pocket rockets, the better things are getting. the ratio of these two types of photos ought to be part of a virtualized violence index.

is your brooding son playing too many violent games? maybe you should let him. maybe he'd become the next hitler if he didn't have that outlet.

maybe the free market really has created something for sociopaths to do with their time that doesn't take everyone else's away.

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