Friday, February 19, 2010

history repeating itself

congressman howard buffett speaking in 1947 on the subject of the truman doctrine.

mr. speaker, the so-called truman doctrine is characterized by proponents as probably the most far-reaching change in american foreign policy in a hundred years. many of its opponents contend it starts us on the road of militarism and imperialism. whatever its consequences are, i rise to propound a solemn question. how in the existing political framework of this nation can the people of america, if they so desire, effectively oppose this policy?

the policy is sponsored by the democratic party and collaborated in by the republican leadership. if the people disapprove of this adventure as many polls indicate, what recourse is left, then, when neither party provides the vehicle for effective opposition? when the republican leadership, without consulting the people, does a "me, too!" on decisive issues, what method do the people then have to effectively influence governmental policies? under this situation, it would appear that the people are losing the all-important right to approve or reject decisive policies at the ballot box, for as matters now stand, neither party affords the people the opportunity to effectively oppose this global program.

i respectfully urge the republican leaders responsible for this collaboration to explain this situation fairly and forthrightly to the american people. the people are entitled to a full explanation of a political performance which apparently deprives the people of an effective voice in determining america's future.

howard also wrote an essay, human freedom rests on gold (redeemable) money.

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