Tuesday, March 9, 2010

conservative defined

a strategy for the right, murray n. rothbard.

If we know what the Old Right was against, what were they for? In general terms, they were for a restoration of the liberty of the old republic, of a government strictly limited to the defense of the rights of private property. In the concrete, as in the case of any broad coalition, there were differences of opinion within this overall framework. But we can boil down those differences to this question: How much of existing government would you repeal? How far would you roll government back?

The minimum demand that almost all Old Rightists agreed on, which virtually defined the Old Right, was total abolition of the New Deal, the whole kit and caboodle of the welfare state, the Wagner Act, the Social Security Act, going off gold in 1933, and all the rest.

murray wrote this in 1992, but the right was apparently too busy simply calling themselves conservative, while abandoning the last vestiges of everything their grandparents had themselves been conservatives in order to preserve, merely to settle for their "neo" selves a political image of... well, "being against" the democrats.

just imagine: you could have been reading this instead of listening to rush limbaugh.

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  1. How many in the GOP are 'old Right'? Maybe 2.
    The rest are all RINOs, quislings.