Friday, March 19, 2010

socialized murder

you have no say about your military, tom engelhardt and william astore.

1. Our military is supposed to be a means to an end: national security. Due to its immense size and colossal budget, has our military not become an end as well as means?

2. In World War II, Americans could explain "Why We Fight" in part because the government provided a clear and compelling rationale for war. Why are the goals of today's wars so opaque to most Americans?

3. If our military provides us with our way of "nation building" abroad, won't countries and peoples be more likely to copy our military ways and weaponry than our democratic teachings?

4. America is facing painful budgetary belt tightening. Why is the military immune?

5. Why does "support our troops" seemingly end when they leave the service, leading us to tolerate such inequities as an unemployment rate of 21% for young veterans?

slavish adoration to an earthly power is fit, perhaps, for true communist believers in china, who, having their marx and jesus straight, choose marx. so be it.

but it is unfit for americans who claim the heritage of their free and true forefathers.

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