Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"it's treason."

i have provided a mirror for the andrew maguire interview, but i am supposed to link to KWN. KWN imagined their website would stay online and not be hammered to death with traffic, but that they could also expose the final piece of the puzzle to a massive state-sponsored terrorism program the united states has engaged in against the entire world for almost one hundred years: to float the value of their currency perhaps hundreds of times greater than the free market would otherwise have set it at.

that is obviously not the case. here is the link. the website will be down for a while, i suspect. andrew maguire and adrian douglas interviewed on king world news.

kudos to nathan lewis posting ponzimonium at, of all places, the ridiculous trash that is the huffington post, linking to this interview, and also to LRC for running the huffpo article.

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