Sunday, April 11, 2010

sample set

hilariously, ron paul lost the 2010 SRLC straw poll to mitt romney by a single vote, the day after a cbs poll running up to the event came up with results looking like this:

which do you think had the better sample set?

and listen closely to what ron paul spent his time talking about, and how people reacted.

then compare it to romney. oh, sorry, i guess nobody got any clips of romney's speech, because you can't find it on youtube. oh wait! that's because he didn't even show up.

couple this with the fox news treatment of obama's best act as president so far, and you can see the epic fail spin machine is in full effect to marginalize the actual conservative voices in the republican party, ensuring a two-term obama presidency. you think the tea parties will like that?

how about if i show you video evidence of mitt romney having bought the florida straw poll that ron paul's people showed up to en masse? how long do you think it takes to cast a ballot between all of three or four people in one question on one screen? and how many tickets do you think one person should be sold?

1 comment:

  1. Romney Care. What more damning evidence could there be about the dem-lite statist?

    Romney wins straw poll. What more damning evidence could there be about the dem-lite GOP?

    The GOP going the way of the do-do bird, and refuses to represent Liberty.